Its Two Dye Fore.

thinkrainbows_smartElitist. Distorted. Underachiever. Coward. Arrogance. Thoughtless. Inarticulate. Overrated. Narcissist. Education. It’s more than a piece of paper. Well, at least it should be.

On the weekend, Kal and I conversed. He’s recently single and back on the prowl. He mentioned that he was looking for someone who was “educated.” He believes that a piece of paper is indicative of intelligence.

I respectfully disagreed. One of my pet peeves is narrow-minded people who believe intelligence is defined by IQ. IQ encompasses only reasoning and ability, but there’s more to intelligence than that. It’s also about emotional, body, and moral intelligences.

I am a professional student. I’ve always been in school, full time or part time, since high school (14 years!). I don’t do it for the designations, but if I did, you could call me: Rani, MA (Leadership), BA (Applied Communications), Honours Cert. (Public Relations), Dip. Journalism. (All these pieces of papers are somewhere in a folder in my closet … I hope.)

And, one day, I will add PhD or LLB, heck maybe both. I do it for the challenge of multitasking responsibilities, meeting people who share similar interests, and, admittedly, writing papers. I do it because I’m good at it. We all get satisfaction from doing what we’re good at and avoiding challenges.

Every so often, I peek my head out of the books and reality sets in. It is scary how much common and street sense I lack, and how much life I’ve missed living.

Learning doesn’t happen just in the classroom. True smarts are attained by learning from life experiences, surroundings, and others.

Sure, designations and credentials do hold meaning, but if those who hold the letters can convey what those letters define, they can’t be all that intelligent.

When asked, Kal couldn’t elaborate on what a high level of education signified. That’s because school doesn’t teach you to learn about yourself, your values. You have to teach yourself that. If you rely on someone or a book to tell you what you should learn, you’re really not intelligent. You’re just a parrot.

People who lean on formal education/designations to give their life meaning are really just elitists. They need to better their EQ to learn why they bestow heavy importance on this.

Formal education is a character showpiece of motivation, drive, and ambition. I know many people who do not have letters and are much more successful (wealth, work-life balance, happiness, etc) than those with formal education/designation. They don’t hide behind letters. They let their actions to speak for their intelligence.

I felt like I was just in a vicious circle during the conversation. Anytime I expressed disagreement with or challenged Kal,I felt unresponsiveness. This is a good place to start the next post, another pet peeve irked during this conversation.

Stay tuned…

Rainbow Thoughts:

(1) Life is the best teacher.

(2) Actions speak. A piece of paper doesn’t.

(3) Tangible achievements are driven by (good and bad) character traits and values.

(4) Don’t be arrogant, okay?!


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2 responses to “Its Two Dye Fore.”

  1. tdizzledum says :

    This is a great post, I come across a lot of people who believe ivy league education equates to intelligence. There is so much more out there, and I’m learning how important it is to be open minded!

    • thinkrainbows says :

      IMO, Ivy League education is simply money buying status, and egos being fueled.

      Being open to new learnings is the most valuable lesson anyone can be taught.

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