Please Step Off My Runway.

thinkrainbows_fashionI’m Forever 21 hanging out at Club Monaco. Siren’s are electrifying. It’s Dynamite. Zara wants to Coach me on the BCBGeneration, but Michael Kors is G-Shocked. He thinks Harry Rosen and Holt Renfrew are Juicy. I Guess the 7 for Mankind in PacSun will be Plenty.

I’m not one to care for fashion or beauty, trends and styles, or designer wear. I usually wear what feels comfortable and fits. Sometimes it’s the kids’ line at LuLu Lemon or H&M, or grown-up clothes at Zara or Club Monaco. Or, unbranded wear. Years ago, I earned the nickname Gramma from friends because I dressed with reservation for the most part. I’d wear more ‘fun’ clothing when I felt comfortable –usually on vacation, far away from people I knew –simply because I felt like I couldn’t be judged then.

Years later, I haven’t changed my dress style. I could still care less about fashion/trends. The only thing that has changed is my self-confidence. I’m now comfortable with myself that I am content wearing my miniskirts and bright lipsticks in my city. It took some getting used to the new-found ‘attention’ though. It was awkward when friends would comment/compliment on the different look.

Recently, I went shopping with a friend who I hadn’t seen in about a year. She’d just returned from working overseas in a conservative country.

Throughout our hours of shopping, Ruby made comments like “What’s cool these days?” or “I used to know what was cool,” or “I use to be the cool one.” Or, ask for validation on clothing she was trying on.

I don’t even know how to define cool, let alone advice her accordingly.

I eventually told her she needs to bring back her confidence. She hadn’t lost her sense of style, she’d lost her confidence. She’d lost herself, and I had just found myself.

Style is personal and unique to you. Not all trends will appeal to all styles. And, style doesn’t mean copying what you see out of a magazine or the person walking down the street And, style definitely isn’t wearing designer. Style is putting your own spin on things. When you do that, you can’t be judged for being you.

Rainbow Thoughts:

(1) It’s not what you wear, it’s how you wear it.

(2) Being trendy doesnt mean you have style.

(3) Confidence is stylish and trendy and fashionable.


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2 responses to “Please Step Off My Runway.”

  1. Karolina says :

    I never want to hear a word out of you for the military skirt in Vegas!!!

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