Rogers Wireless Resolves Expensive Error

Just a quick update on my Rogers Wireless Denies Receiving Customer’s Call; Charges Customer $943 story.

Within hours of my blog going viral on Friday, especially on Facebook, RogersHelps contacted me. After a couple of Facebook messages (asking for account information), Rogers offered a very fair solution. I agreed to pay for the costs of the travel packs, and the other charges would be adjusted.

I’m very pleased with how quickly (other than the intial two hours on the phone with Rogers) Rogers was able to resolve the issue, almost with no questions asked.

I am super grateful for readers who helped my blog post go viral, sharing my story. I believe it is the reason I was able to end the saga (so quickly).

I ask Rogers to please offer this type of efficient and effective customer service across all their service platforms –especially the telephone. I can only imagine what kind of outcome this saga would have had if social media/Internet was not acccessible to a customer. Consistency fosters credibilty.

Rainbow Thoughts:
(1) There is power in numbers.

(2) I love social media.


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