Rogers Wireless Denies Receiving Customer’s Call; Charges Customer $943

My recent bill from Rogers is for $1019.50 of which $943 (approx) is data roaming charges for a three-day period. Rogers claims that I never called to apply a travel package to my account, yet agrees that there is one call logged the day before my departure, which notes that I inquired about such charges, but declined the service. My intent for this call was to gather rate information. I, soon thereafter, followed up with a 2nd call to apply the data package. Rogers alleges that there was no second call. The second was not made from my cell, so I do not have a log to evidence.

The roaming usage reflects the requested package. I don’t understand how Rogers believes how or why I would inquire about travel packs, have subsequent usage reflecting my inquiry, but not opt-in for the respective add-on.

While away on business today, I spent 2hours on the phone with various Rogers staff only to be offered a discount of $150, or to cancel my account (cost me an additional $450 approx). I missed an important meeting that may result in significant loss of opportunities.

I have been a loyal customer to Rogers for more than 12years. My payments are timely and my account is always in good standing. I value the services Rogers provides, and just ask that Rogers reciprocate by valuing, not bullying, it’s customers.

This isn’t the first time Rogers has wrongfully charged my account, or collaboratively addressed concern. However, this is the first time they are unwilling to fairly resolve this very expensive error.

My multiple attempts to engage in open discussions with Rogers has been unsuccessful. But, I am here on social media as another avenue to reach out to the company.

Rogers, I invite you to please discuss this with me before this matter is further pursued.

Has anyone else experienced such unfairness from Rogers?

Any advice on how to best amicably resolve this?

Rainbow Thoughts:
(1) Fight for what matters to you.
(2) Fight for what’s right.
(3) Always engage in open communications.
(4) Hope that big business stops bullying the little people.


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6 responses to “Rogers Wireless Denies Receiving Customer’s Call; Charges Customer $943”

  1. VirginMobile says :

    A few years ago, an employee of Rogers was going into my account without my permission, this particular employee knew me through a third party. I did not know her personally. She pretty much stalked me through my cell phone account. She had access to my personal information, and would track my phone calls (for whatever reason, is beyond me). Anyway, I found out about it and as soon as I did I reported this invasion of my privacy to one of the supervisors that worked in the same call centre as this individual. I was really young at the time (16 or 17) and I did not really know what my rights were. I told the supervisor to start an invetigation or else I would press charges and I never once received a follow up call regarding the incident. I never received an appology, an explanation or any type of accountability from anyone. I found out through some friends of mine that this individual did eventually get fired. Like I said, at that time, I was young and I just wanted the problem to go away. They are lucky I didn’t file a law suit. I should have cancelled my account right then and there…but for some reason I didn’t. Years later I had some fraudulent activity on my account which still boggles my mind because I had a PIN set for my account. Therefore, no one could access my account without my permisson. What a gong show! I am happy to say I am no longer with their company. And I have never been happier! I am with Virgin now, way better!

    • thinkrainbows says :

      thanks for sharing your experience with Rogers. it’s too bad that Rogers is a company operating on values different than what it preaches. “connecting” people doesn’t mean pawn off on another department/person.

      I am stupidly hopeful that they will accept my invite to engage in open and fair discussions.

  2. Chantelle says :

    Consider sending an email to the office of the ombudsmen and to the highest level in Rogers which is The office of the President.

    You will usually get a call back in 48 hrs.

    • thinkrainbows says :

      thanks, chantelle! when I was trying to talk with the reps yesterday, they all just suggested I write a letter to the office of the president. seems to be their ‘end-all-be-all’ solution. but, that is my next step.

  3. A Collection of Musings says :

    I couldn’t take more than 3 months of Rogers. Go with smaller companies. They treat you so much better.

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