Friday Night (No) Spotlights, Please.

I didn’t have too many shots. I didn’t kiss and forget. And, I didn’t max the credit cards. But, I did hit the boulevard last Friday night, and I broke some unspoken law, or dress code.

Last Friday, as I was leaving my crossfit class, my friend Karolina suggested going to Kitsilano Beach for some more crossfit training –mobility, technique practice, and perhaps some sprints.

She picked me from my box, and on the way to the beach, we both agreed that we needed to eat. We stopped for dinner at Local Public Eatery, right on the beach. We both had greasy burgers and fries. I like to cap off a good meal with dessert. It didn’t take much convincing, but Karolina was on board. It’s the kind of good friend she is.

We left Kits and headed downtown to Yaletown. We walked around this hoity-toity district in workout gear (sneakers, shorts and t-shirts), and my hair was a sweaty mop from the workout. It was the first time I walked those cobble stone streets in such comfort.

We chose Glowbal Grill for dessert. This restaurant/bar is popular place for food and drinks, and attracts good-looking people. We knew we stood out like sore thumbs, but Glowbal Grill’s desserts are too good to pass up.

After being seated in the back of the restaurant, our server placed the napkins on our laps. It’s just that kind of fancy place.

We order a dessert platter (tiramsu cake, beignets, bread pudding and crème brule) to share. Karolina had steamed milk, and I had a coffee. (And, we wonder why we’re single.)

Before dessert was served, I used the restroom. I was so embarrassed having to walk through the busy restaurant wearing what I was. As I washed my hands, I looked up into the mirror and had silent panic attack. My face. I didn’t have my face on! No makeup, no chapstick, no nothing. Never felt so uncomfortable and out of place.

In my absence, another patron asked Karolina if we had just worked out. She replied with “No, this is our second stop.” He then asked, “Did you workout before that, or did you just pick this.” No, dude. This is just our typical Friday night outfit and eats.

I returned to the table only to see that the platter had more desserts than listed on the menu. Score. There was also a pear tarte with cotton candy, a few macaroons, and a second crème brule. We attacked the platter, and it didn’t take long ‘til we started to just feel sick.

We called it a night pretty quick thereafter.

This night was a challenge for me. Inside, I was so mortified and uncomfortable for being so under and wrongly dressed for the night. Outside, I was just a mess. It’s not about vanity, believe it or not. It’s as simple as fitting in. I like being mainstream. I don’t like to be different –good or bad different. Different tends to attract attention, and I’m okay without any.

Do it all again. This Friday night. Do it all again. I don’t think so.

Rainbow Thought: Be and do what makes you feel comfortable.


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