This One Time in Band Camp.

thinkrainbows_technologyI love hiding behind technology to interact with people –from emails to texting to social media. It allows me to stay connected with more people, and just be more efficient with time. But, what I love more than hiding is spending face-time with good people. I try to live by a rule: if I’m out with friends, the phone stays away. Quality time with quality people.

I must be the only person on social media that thinks there are information sharing boundaries. I think people have become increasingly open online, sharing too much information about their lives .

I’ve deleted Facebook friends for over sharing. A friend of a friend added me to Facebook after we all hung out a few times. Can’t say he was an offline friend. His status updates read more like a personal diary than an update. At first, it was a weird guilty pleasure to know what this guy was up to, but then it came to a point where I felt like I knew way too much about him without actually knowing him. Delete.

It didn’t take long though for me to be hypocrite. I have received unsolicited feedback from friends about how lame my Facebook profile was (maybe still is?), or about how I intentionally limited their access (because they didn’t see any photos –I don’t have any tagged photos for the record). Last year, I put in a lot of effort to be more active on Facebook. I started to check-in everywhere I went on weekends. I checked-in because I thought I needed to feed into the social media norms/etiquette of sharing information.

But those check-ins weren’t good enough for friends either. I got feedback noting my low engagement on the updates after I checked-in. Sorry, I was busy actually hanging out with the friends that want to see me in person. If you want to get to know me or what I’m up to, join me offline. I’m not that bad to look at, at least my mom says.

I give kudos to those who can itemize their days on social media. Multitasking at its best. But like me, are you only constantly posting your life online because you’re trying to prove something (to yourself)?

I ask you if the value and gratification is the same between the insta-feeling you get when you get a ‘like’ on a status and the feeling if sharing a laugh in-person with a friend. Nothing beats laughing at friends to their faces. 😉

Rainbow Thoughts:

(1) Take the time to hang out with people offline.

(2) Over sharing allows me to learn more about friends than I would probably otherwise know.

(3) To each their own.

(4) Thank you to those strangers who over share and have no privacy settings. I’ve killed many hours courtesy of you.


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3 responses to “This One Time in Band Camp.”

  1. infusemobile says :

    I think I might have to put my privacy setting on from here onwards, who knew! -oz

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