Roger That.


“Man must cease attributing his problems to his environment, and learn again to exercise his will – his personal responsibility.” – Albert Einstein

Communicating with large corporate providers is daunting. I feel like that the customer service reps don’t hear me, and that they are speaking from a script.

When I do have to contact providers, I get all riled up thinking about what’s about to hit me.

One week ago, I started to shop around for a new phone plan. At the time, I was a Rogers customer, and soon realized that Rogers offers the best bang for my buck.

My Thursday evening entailed:

1. A call to Rogers Customer Service (CS): unable to help because I had a corporate account
2. A call to Rogers business CS: unable to help because I have a corporate plan, not a corporate account.

It was late, and I was in no mood to deal with this anymore, so I waited til Saturday morning to continue.

My Saturday morning entailed:

1. A call to Rogers CS
2. An in-person visit to a Rogers Store
3. An in-person visit to the Apple Store
4. A 90min+  call to Rogers CS (bounced between several departments)

I was beyond frustrated. I’ve been a loyal customer to Rogers for 12 years and all I want to do is re-sign with them.

Q: Why won’t they help me!?

I finally get a Rogers rep on the line who was willing to listen to me –my needs and frustrations. He set me up with a plan that works for me.  And, on a side note, even though I was on the phone for 90min+ with Rogers, I did take an extra minute to talk to the rep’s supervisor to express my gratitude for the rep’s diligence and excellent service.

After about three hours, I was pleasantly surprised this saga ended on such a high note (I’m writing this from my shiny new iPhone 5, and a wicked new data plan).

Upon reflection, I learned the key was that I wasn’t reactive. When talking to the Rogers rep, I communicated clearly; I didn’t let my anger/frustration speak louder that my needs. When the rep wasn’t hearing me, I didn’t respond immediately (though that was my initial instinct). Instead, I paused and collected my thoughts, and then, proceeded to speak.

A: I wasn’t communicating clearly.

Rainbow Thoughts:

(1) Take responsibility

(a) I have the choice on how I want to experience a situation.
(b) The communicator is responsible for ensuring the message is received as intended (can’t expect the receiver to hear something that’s not being communicated).

(2) The silent pause is not as long and daunting in a conversation as oneself feels.

(3) Take the time to recognize excellent customer service, rather than taking it for granted.

(4) Persevere. Don’t quit.

(5) Positive attitudes result in positive outcomes.


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