Shamelessly Naked.

thikrainbows_nakedMy first weekend of 2013 left me feeling naked and shameless. I spent a fair bit of time sifting through my closet and dresser drawers, humming n’ hawing on clothes that I haven’t worn in quite some time, but felt the need to keep. I felt compelled to keep clothes simply because they were in excellent condition, and were barely worn. Maybe one day I’d wear it again.

I know folks who successfully sell their used clothing online, but no such luck for me. So, I purged and plan to donate. I pulled together four black garbage bags of clothing and bags:

  1. 24 pairs of pants
  2. 29 shirts
  3. 9 dresses/skirts
  4. 22 pairs of shoes
  5. 8 purses/bags

Disgustingly, I still have a full closet.

Typically, I purge and donate annually, but this is the only time I counted articles. And, quantifying the purge struck a nerve. I feel shameful for being ungrateful for all that I have. No, I don’t shop for retail therapy; I’m not filling some void. I am sure of this because nothing in my closet is with tags and has been worn at least once. I shop because I like variety/change, so I think. When I go out, though, I tend to wear my favourite shoes, favourite pair of jeans, favourite clutch, etc. The only thing adding up here is the clothing I’m not wearing.

This was a good head-shaking. I’ve changed my shopping from a monetary budget allowance to a number of items allowance.

Rainbow Thoughts:

(1) Change. Better late than never.

(2) Don’t take things for granted.


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