2012: The End of the Old Me.

My resolution for 2012 was to not enroll in any schooling, or pick-up a part-time job. Surprisingly, I lived through the resolution.

Background: In the past 15 years or so, 2012 was the first year I had only one commitment. Typically, I would balance a minimum of one job and studies, and my craziest point is a toss-up between when I had four part-time jobs, and when I had one full-time job, one part-time job, and full-time studies. Why? I truthfully don’t know why.

For 2012, I told myself to just chill out and enjoy what comes my way. It was very difficult to do so. The first few weekends I was free, my initial instinct was to start flipping through classifieds for a part-time job.

Because I had just my 9-5 job to worry about for 2012, I had a lot of extra time on my hands to experience life and the little things. Reflecting on 2012, here are a few of the little things that make me smile:

  • Graduate studies’ convocation
  • Babysitting my two-and-half year old niece for two days (and the best sleep I had thereafter)
  • Blind date with the guy who had no front teeth
  • The guy who gave me an exit interview when I broke up with him
  • Vacations: India, Toronto, Miami, Hawaii, and Vegas
  • Solving the mystery of who the hot guy on transit is
  • Sanchez and Tippy
  • The night of Mr. January and Wes Hayden
  • Reconnecting with old friends
  • Disconnecting with “friends”
  • Recycled beer at Cactus Club
  • Missy the Pomeranian
  • Think Rainbows Blog
  • Vegas (it deserves its own shout-out)

2012 was so good to me, and I’m super stoked about 2013. I plan to continue my 2012 resolution into 2013 with a small modification (going to try to add freelance writing).

My 2013 resolution is to get fit. I’m scrawny and struggle lifting a jug of milk. I’ve committed to crossfit for 12 months. Start placing bets on how long I’ll last.

Rainbow thought: The little things are life. Enjoy them.


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5 responses to “2012: The End of the Old Me.”

  1. Karolina says :

    You better last the whole 12 months!!!! I will be on you! Just focus on being consistent. The hardest thing is to show up. Once you get in the door, you will make progress! Very proud of you.

  2. Anonymous says :

    Happy new year Ranjit! Great blog – sounds like you had a great 2012 (although I am curious about your date with a guy with no front teeth)! Wishing you a wonderful 2013!!!!

    • Anonymous says :

      Sorry, just realizing I post as anonymous but your New Years wishes are from Susan who enjoyed meeting you at UofG

      • thinkrainbows says :

        hi susan! im hoping 2013 builds on the awesomeness of 2012. ill have to share the story of toothless date the next time im in toronto. im going to need a drink to relive that date. best wishes to you for 2013!

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