The Little Sister.

ThinkRainbows_thelittlesisterI am the youngest of three sisters (and we have a younger brother). When I was younger, I hated being identified as the younger sister. Often, I’d get introduced as “V/N’s little sister.” Remember when I am my own person?!

Being the youngest girl meant I got few brand-spankin’ new clothes. Hand-me-downs were my thing. It was exciting though –like having the mall come to me. The best part was that it felt like I was cool in the ‘new’ clothes. After all, my older sisters were sharing their clothes with me.

Now that I’m older, I:

  • realize I was delusional. The clothes weren’t cool, and that’s why the sisters were passing them along.
  • can blame my shopping addiction to the hand-me-down trauma.

It’s been a while since I received any hand-me-downs –partly because of style and size differences, but also because the sisters are older and wiser, and invest in staple pieces. But, last week, my sister, N, passed along a top.

I shop often, some say too often, and so I was surprised to be so excited to get this hand-me-down. My immediate thought was, “I love being the little sister!”

Rainbow thoughts:

(1) If you let go of the past, you give yourself an opportunity to appreciate the little things.

(2) I will always be the little sister.

(3) Maybe after reading this, my sisters will give me more stuff, especially that nice jacket… 😉


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