Craigslist Creeper.


I have this odd obsession with re-selling my stuff on Craigslist –stuff including home decor, furniture, and general household items. Heck, I’ve even successfully sold stuff for family and friends. It’s amazing what people will buy.

Most recently, I cleaned out my closet and have a tonne of clothes and shoes to get rid of. Usually, I donate my unwanted clothes/shoes, but this year I had the brilliant idea of trying to sell it, and then donating what I don’t sell.

I haven’t sold a single article of clothing. Nadda. I know I’m not the trendiest person, but really?!

Today, I got an email from a potential buyer. S/he wanted to buy a bunch of my shoes.

The email read: “I am actually interested in female heels and socks as I have a foot fetish. May I ask where about you located?” … note the fetish comment.

I replied with the general neighbourhood I would meet him/her in.

I should’ve known something was up because the sender’s email address name was “Craigslist 3467077563”… note the anonymity.

Then, I get a text message that read: “hey, im interested in your shoes 😉” … note the winky face.

I replied: “which ones?”

S/he replied: “which ones have you worn the most?

I ignored the message.

Then, I receive another message that read: “im looking for smelly ones 🙂

It took all that for me to clue in, and I also remembered that a while back a friend noted she, too, received creepy messages re: foot fetish from a craigslist person. The creep stopped messaging her after she told the creep she was going to report him/her to a cop friend or to a Hell’s Angel friend.

It didn’t take me long to decide my plan of attack.

I’m going to continue to ignore his messages, but I feel very compelled to share this creep’s number on the web. Would that be fun?!

Rainbow Thoughts:

(1)   My closet is bare, and I should go shopping to dress it up again.

(2)   I think my craigslist buying/selling days are over.


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2 responses to “Craigslist Creeper.”

  1. berry556 says :

    I think you made a wise decision ! I didn’t know anyone still used Craig’s list ,

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