My Bags Are Packed.

Dishes hugged by bubble wrap, furniture in storage, bags packed, and I’m sleeping on an air mattress. I’m waiting for that one call, the call that is going to give me a reason to ship out and change my life. No. I’m not the next Lotto winner.thinkrainbows_vancouver

Okay, so I’m a little dramatic. Truth is, I’m not going anywhere anytime soon. I’m just dreaming and scheming.

Vancouver, BC is ranked as the world’s 4th most livable city. It’s the city dubbed as the No Fun City with pricey real estate and attractive locals wearing LuLu Lemon. It’s true, we do have expensive real estate, and I am good looking, but I do not own LuLu Lemon. Wait. I lied. I do. Their yoga pants make everyone’s butts look really good, so how can I not own a pair or two.

Vancouver is my home.

This beautiful city has been home to me for the past 12 years, but lately, I’m itching to leave. I’m not sure where to, but I do know why. I’m bored. I need a change.

Career: I look fabulous on paper, but new career opportunities are hard to come by in Vancouver. Well, I’m finding that there aren’t many opportunities that interest me. And, the bigger issue I find is that it’s not what you know, it’s who you know. I apparently don’t know the right people.

Networking: It’s challenging to meet new people, both professionally and personally. Though we are pretty people, we’re awfully snobby and cliquey. Earlier this year, I went to a professional networking event. Of a crowd of about 30-40 professionals, I was the only one with an Arts/ Social Sciences background. Everyone else was in Finance, Business, Law or Medicine. Didn’t I feel like an oddball.

Lifestyle: Vancouver has stunning landscape and architecture. The City is nestled between mountains the ocean. It’s too bad I don’t well in cold weather, so that means I don’t do mountain top snow sports, and I’m afraid of deep waters. This past summer, I really took a liking to hiking, but I don’t have a hiking buddy. I’d go alone, but I’m sure I’d be on the six o’clock news as a ‘rescue story.’

Life has taught me that it’s better that you know the devil. The grass isn’t necessarily greener. And, yet I still want out.

Rainbow Thought: If I seriously look for what I really want, I will find it here in Vancouver. I need to give Vancouver a fair shot, and explore what the city has to offer.


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2 responses to “My Bags Are Packed.”

  1. Glo says :

    Having a change of heart?! Good! That means I’ll still have an excuse to head out there someday 🙂

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