Made You Blink.

Ask me to watch back-to-back seasons of Californication or (and!) Keeping up with the Kardashians, I’m all over it. Ask me to complete a novel, not going to happen. I like the idea of reading, but there’s just a je ne sais quoi (oh, look at me! I’m fancy, I speak French.) I have with finishing a book. Thirteen years of post-secondary and the one thing I’m so proud of is that I did that without reading a book to completion. It’s a real skill, I know.

Anyhow, the next book I’ve started is Malcolm Gladwell’s, Blink. It talks about rapid cognition and details narratives on adaptive consciousness, and thin-slicing.  In short, it’s about making quality decisions quickly, in the Blink of an eye.

Gladwell writes about making a decision, and knowing that it’s the right decision, but having an inability to articulate/rationalize the decision. Story of my life. I often find that I’m unable to justify a decision I make (and have feelings of incompetence). But I just know that it’s the right decision.

This concept made me thinking of dating.

A quick history on my dating life: infamously single, and when I do date, I tend to date the wrong men. Friends often tell me I’m too judgmental, picky or shallow when it comes to men. But, I assure you I am not. My track-record of exes confirms that I’ll date anyone (ha!).

There was one relationship where my instincts (adaptive consciousness) told me not to pursue anything, but I convinced myself that the guy was deserving of a shot because he was nice, and I did like the ‘idea’ of him. And, not to mention, friends always say I need to give guys the-benefit-of-the-doubt. He was a nice guy after all, right? Well, guess what, me and nice guys aren’t compatible. In hindsight, sure it was a pretty solid learning experience, but I should’ve stayed true to myself and my instincts.

Rainbow Thoughts:

(1) Listen to your instincts. You know what’s best for you so don’t let other’s convince you otherwise.

(2) Being unable to articulate a reason why something is/isn’t isn’t necessary. Sometimes you just know.

(3) I am hopeful I may finish this book.


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