Date Night with a Married Man.

It was a rainy Friday night, and we had decided we’d meet at a quaint pub, River’s Reach, tucked away in New Westminster. It was going to be just him and I. He was late, but it was okay as he came with a gift for me.

Intrigued? Don’t be. Craig is my girlfriend Kristina’s husband. Craig recently started working in my neighbourhood, so we met up for some pub food (must try: Fire Hall Burger).

Of course, since it’s me, I was freaking out in my head about hanging out alone with Craig, for the first time. Kristina is always the glue. What was I going to talk about with him? It was the Projecting Madness situation all over again. As much as I like to think I’m learning, clearly I’m not.

We met around 6pm, and I figured I’d be home in time to watch Marketplace at 8pm (sorry, Craig!). I was wrong, so wrong. Conversation flowed for hours! We talked about everything from annoying people, age and maturity experiences, acting on projections (ironic, eh?), and more. Conversation was so refreshing.

I really, really got to get over this projecting bit that tends to rule me. What is at the root of my tendency to freak out based on my projections of situations –my neurosis? lack of confidence? Hmmm…

Rainbow Thought: Craig is not my friend’s husband; he’s my friend.


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2 responses to “Date Night with a Married Man.”

  1. Carlos Morales says :

    Funny how two people can walk into something with the same apprehensions. I’m sure Craig is happy to call you friend as well. We often gravitate to like minded people, Craig obviously chose his wife for this reason not thinking she would bring along great people with her.

    • thinkrainbows says :

      Carlos, thanks for your comment. I think you’re onto something. It’s often people share apprehensions, yet never feel secure in sharing them with the other person. I know this is something I starting to work on. Admitting a weakness is liberating.

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