Ghosts, Goblins and Greed.

Yesterday was Halloween. I left work in the city to head to my cousins’ house in the suburbs. I left 90min early so we could get an early start to our trick or treating. More time = more loot. There, right there, my friends, was the beginning of the end. Here’s a series of misfortunate events…

(1) I missed two exits to the highway, so I was stuck driving through three cities.

(2) The two gentlemen behind the automotive counter at Walmart seemed to think I was invisible and only help the male customers behind me. Grr. I finally was helped with getting a key cut.

(3) After witnessing a woman trying to park her big a$$ SUV next to my car, I did a walk-round my car to see if she by any chance hit it. She didn’t. Phewf. The SUV driver decided it wasn’t cool of me to check my car, so she said to me, “You didn’t have to check your car. I didn’t hit it.” Well thank you for that, woman.

(4) In the bathroom at my cousins’ house, I had completely forgotten my iPhone was in my jean’s back pocket. *SPLASH* I quickly fished the phone out, and bolted out the door yelling I had an emergency. Now, did I pull up my pants before I fished for the phone, or did I fish then pull?

(5) Trick or treating was next. Five kids (aged 3, 8 9, 12, 15), one adult, and four umbrellas. I was pretty excited because it was the three-year old’s first Halloween. She was a pretty princess. Best moment with her: she told a house she wanted “more” instead of “thank you.” Throughout the night, I was diffusing sibling fights about whose turn it was to ring the door bell at the next house, sharing umbrellas, and so much more. We were a hot mess walking the streets.

(6) I lost my umbrella.

Rainbow Thoughts:

(1) Don’t be greedy.

(2) High anxiety about the state of my phone made my stomach upset that I didnt’ have one piece of candy that evening.

(3) I’m appreciative of the innate generosity of my aunt/uncle/cousins.

  • My 15 year old cousin voluntarily lent me her old iPod so I could tune out my fellow transit users on my commute to work today (forget when I was 15, I still have difficulties sharing my stuff!).
  • My uncle lent me a spare phone.
  • The kids willingly shared a lot of their candy with me, and gave me my favourites.

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