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I buff. I so buff.

Like most nights for the past few weeks, after my dredged 75min city transit commute home from work last night, I grabbed a bag of cheezies and crashed on my couch. Way too tired to hit the gym (been on a hiatus from gym workouts for a few weeks).

The only difference this time was that I was yapping on the phone with my pal Karolina. We were already on the phone for the past hour. Catching up on life takes a while sometimes. One of my pet peeve is listening to someone talk on the phone while they simultaneously eat. So, since I was starving, I put the phone’s mouthpiece far from me, thinking Karolina wouldn’t be able to hear me chow down on the cheezies, but she’s a smart cookie. Busted. The conversation flowed something like this thereafter:

Karolina: What are you eating?

Rani: I don’t want to say.

Karolina: What are you eating?!

Rani: Cheezies. Don’t judge me.

Karolina: Why do you even have those in your house?! Go to the gym!

I managed to digress from the gym conversation, but Karolina did slip the fact that she was re-jigging her workouts to six days from seven days a week. This didn’t mean she’d have one less workout. She was doubling up. It’s a sickness, I say.

Since she was arriving at her Crossfit Gym (she’d already been here at 6am that same day!), we ended the phone call, but not before her last words to me: “Put down the cheezies and get to the gym.”

And, so off to Club 16: Trevor Linden Fitness I went.

Rainbow Thoughts:

(1) Thankful for friends genuinely showing interest in my health/wellness.

(2) I demolished the bag of cheezies before I went to the gym.


Oprah Stole My Idea.

So, a few things to introduce you to about me: (1) I like to rant about randomness. (2) I like to write. (3) I have a fear of sucking. (4) I am a private person. (5) I watch way too much tv. (6) I am a strong introvert. (7) I love carbs, especially the starchy kind.

For quite some time now, I’ve wanted to start a blog, a blog about something I’m passionate about, but something that was of interest to others. My original idea was “why not me.” It would have been a blog about seeing the positive in negative situations. But, guess what? Oprah stole my idea by launching Shania Twain’s show “Why Not”.

Then, I had a similar idea of finding the silver lining in stories/experiences I have, and of those around me. But then I realized I may not have any friends/family left once they learn that I’ve shared their stories.

I got excuses. Tonnes. But, I know that you know that I’m full of it. So, I admit it. My fear of sucking/failing supersedes everything I do (or, wait, is it everything I don’t do?). Oprah was just my escape goat. (It’s not often I’ll get to say that.)

Well, anywho, here I am, and here’s my blog. I plan to share (personal and others’) stories and situations, and with the posts, I’m going to try to apply rainbow thinking. Starting this blog is like taking out one brick from the brick wall I have had up (being so private). Let’s see how long I can last.

Rainbow Thought: This blog may suck, but at least I’m doing what I enjoy, and I’m challenging my personal growth so publicly. 😐

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