You Can’t See Me.

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My weekend was busy, busy with reflection that made me feel warm and fuzzy. Not enough to write ‘xoxo’ to anyone, but enough to make me feel pretty awesome.

Though my friends/family would say I’m not shy because I’m so social, I claim to be very shy and introverted. I’m, by no means, socially inept, but I am more comfortable observing than experiencing situations. Sometimes, my quietness is interpreted as mean, disinterest, or impolite, but rest assured, I’m not. (I never miss an opportunity to unleash the a$$hole in me.) I enjoy just watching situations unfold, learning about people, and having conversations with myself about what’s going on. I am a wallflower, so I like to think. I like blending into the background, and since I think I’m in the background, I assume others don’t see me.

Back to the weekend. I sent a broadcast email to my friends/colleagues/family with regards to a favour. I didn’t expect to receive any emails back, but my goodness, the response was humbling. Several people willing to help me, some people I didn’t even know they knew my name.

One email stood out. It was from my sister’s friend (they’ve known each other for 20+years). I’d share it, but I won’t because … well, just because. But, simply put, her choice of words, and message were very sincere and genuine. For someone who I’ve known for years, but rarely get to meet up with, I really appreciated the time/effort she took to exchange a few messages, sharing advice and ideas.

Then, to top off my weekend, another one of my sister’s friend sent me a thank you card for a baby shower gift, for a shower I was unable to attend. Completely unexpected just because I went in on the gift with my sister and another friend, and so I, again, assumed that one thank you from the new mum to my sister would suffice.

I really value time, mine and yours. So, I’m always appreciative of the time people take to connect.

It was the weekend of my sister’s friends…I may have to start calling them my own friends =)

Rainbow Thought: I’m always humbled by people’s thoughtfulness and consideration of moi. I may never be able to re-pay people back for their kindness, but I can promise to pay it forward.


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One response to “You Can’t See Me.”

  1. Mandy says :

    LOL nothing exciting happened this past weekend other than quality time with my dog and some shopping, I am glad you were happy to have a break from me 😉

    I think we all need weekends like you just had though…seriously, I like connecting with people and having quality time, not just sh!ts and giggles!!

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