Take a Gamble.

Ever wonder where your food comes from? Not me. Ignorance is my middle name (for many reasons).

A friend suggested I watch a documentary called Genetic Roulette: A Gamble on Lives (Free to watch until 31 October 2012). The documentary evidences how Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) are correlated to the poor health of Americans. It lays out the effects of GMOs in simple, easy to understand terms, and makes a strong impact. More information can be found at Genetic Roulette and The Institute for Responsible Technology. The video is lengthy, but the 90 minutes is definitely worth it.

I thought I was eating relatively healthy, but it turns out there’s another component to healthy foods other than what I’m eating. I need to consider how my food is produced. Reflecting on what I do eat, some of the foods that I consume that are genetically modified include meat, corn, soy products, milk/cheese, sugar, and fruits/veggies.  Well, in sum, that’s pretty much my entire diet.

This video made me have a greater appreciation for the time/effort my Dad put into his personal garden when I was younger. We had homegrown everything –potatoes, herbs, strawberries, corn, u name it!

I may have to reconsider my opinion on organic foods being BS (marketing, shmarketing!). Whole Foods, I’m coming!

Rainbow Thoughts:

(1) I admit my ignorance is just laziness.

(2) There’s still time to make healthy changes.


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2 responses to “Take a Gamble.”

  1. gloria.higdon@trueblisscoach.com says :

    Glad you enjoyed the documentary! Certainly makes you think…

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