I buff. I so buff.

Like most nights for the past few weeks, after my dredged 75min city transit commute home from work last night, I grabbed a bag of cheezies and crashed on my couch. Way too tired to hit the gym (been on a hiatus from gym workouts for a few weeks).

The only difference this time was that I was yapping on the phone with my pal Karolina. We were already on the phone for the past hour. Catching up on life takes a while sometimes. One of my pet peeve is listening to someone talk on the phone while they simultaneously eat. So, since I was starving, I put the phone’s mouthpiece far from me, thinking Karolina wouldn’t be able to hear me chow down on the cheezies, but she’s a smart cookie. Busted. The conversation flowed something like this thereafter:

Karolina: What are you eating?

Rani: I don’t want to say.

Karolina: What are you eating?!

Rani: Cheezies. Don’t judge me.

Karolina: Why do you even have those in your house?! Go to the gym!

I managed to digress from the gym conversation, but Karolina did slip the fact that she was re-jigging her workouts to six days from seven days a week. This didn’t mean she’d have one less workout. She was doubling up. It’s a sickness, I say.

Since she was arriving at her Crossfit Gym (she’d already been here at 6am that same day!), we ended the phone call, but not before her last words to me: “Put down the cheezies and get to the gym.”

And, so off to Club 16: Trevor Linden Fitness I went.

Rainbow Thoughts:

(1) Thankful for friends genuinely showing interest in my health/wellness.

(2) I demolished the bag of cheezies before I went to the gym.


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